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March 2018

Crich Tramway Village.

Derbyshire England

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DSCN0129 (1)

DSCN0149__1_.jpgDSCN0143.jpgDSCN0146.jpgDSCN0135.jpgDSCN0134.jpgDSCN0133__1_.jpgDSCN0131.jpgDSCN0130.jpgDSCN0127.jpgDSCN0125__1_.jpgDSCN0140__1_.jpgDSCN0129__1_.jpgDSCN0132__1_.jpgCrich Tramway village is the home of National Tramway Museum in Crich Derbyshire England. There are loads of British and European trams on display, i believe i saw a New York tram also. There are trams in a exhibition hall, tram sheds and running in service. On the day i was there 3 trams were in service, a single decker Blackpool tram , a double decker Liverpool and a double decker Glasgow tram. I rode on all three, fares are included in museum charge. In the workshops you can view restoration projects. There is a kids play area and picnic area. Toilets are availabe including Disabled. Dogs on lead are welcome. There is a gift and souvenir shop, also refreshment bar. In the Derby Assemby Rooms in the Tramway village is a exhibition "The Electric Era" in here are maps of tram routes of days gone by.--- There is plenty of car parking space.-- I had travelled by bus from Malock Bath, buses 140 and 141 run this route to Matlock Bath and Matlock. (2017) ---------The National Tramway museum is a not-for-profit independant educational charity. I"m a senior citizen and the admission charge was £12.50,i believe the full price was £15. ticket valid for 12 months, so keep the ticket . --- A great day out.for young or old. in the Peak District England.

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